Power always on, or power on/off

Jim Leonard trixter at oldskool.org
Tue Apr 26 14:35:26 CDT 2005

Eric J Korpela wrote:
> up lubricants, keep the electrolytic caps polarized, exercise the
> drive heads, make it feel wanted)

LOL on the "feel wanted" part.

I have to second the notion that "it depends on usage".  It also depends on 
hardware -- for example, the older a hard drive is, the more it should be kept 
running if at all possible (cooling permitting, of course) to prevent the 
bearings from seizing up.

I had an ST-225 that wouldn't spin up once and I really wanted the data off of 
it:  I knew the drive heads were parked at the outside of the drive, so I took 
a chance and put it on a lazy susan with the platters' axis of rotation aligned 
with the lazy susan's axis.  I slowly spun the entire unit on the lazy such 
that centrifugal force kept the drive heads at the outside where they were 
parked.  When I had it up to a decent speed (ie as fast as my hand could turn 
it without the drive flying off), I quickly stopped it, and heard the bearings 
"unstick" and the platters move.  Plugged it in, and it worked fine -- in fact, 
it ran for three entire days.  I powered the machine off (after grabbing the 
data off of it of course), came back to it the next day, and it was dead for good.
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