PC/Apple/etc. Cards Worth Keeping/Storing

Martin Scott Goldberg wgungfu at csd.uwm.edu
Wed Apr 27 01:52:25 CDT 2005

Marvin, I'm interested in any Apple IIx cards you don't want to keep.  I'm
specifically looking for an (unmodified) Applecat modem card.


>Marvin Johnston <marvin at rain.org> says:
>I am trying to decide what to do with a bunch of 16-bit ISA IDE/Floppy
>controller, etc. cards. Is there still a use for them, or should I just
>add (most of) them to the (rapidly growing) scrap reclaim box? What
>about 8-bit and/or 16-bit ethernet cards, no-name 8-bit serial/parallel
>cards, older style floppy disk cables that still support the 5 1/4"
>floppy drives? Maybe a better question; are they any cards worth saving?
>I am keeping all the disk controller cards, memory expansion cards, and
>any specialized cards. Are they any Apple IIx cards worth saving? My
>general rule there has been that if I have the docs, they are worth
>I have boxes of this stuff spread around and am looking for some
>guidelines on what might be worth keeping! I am getting to the point
>that anything past about 1984 or so goes.

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