kda50 manual and sdi cables & questions

Witchy witchy at binarydinosaurs.co.uk
Wed Apr 27 13:18:14 CDT 2005

> it is possible to build them with just 50 ohm thin coax soldered to 0.1
> connectors?
> or are they tightly impedance dependent? Are there resistors on the drive
> ends?
> I assume that it takes 2 coax cables per drive (in/out) - thus 4
> connections

The standard SDI cables we have for a KDA50 are made of a single 32-way
BERG type plug that breaks out into 4 8-way separate cables. These
terminate in VAX bulkhead connectors, and even though it was only last
week that I set up an SDI disk system I can't remember if the bulkhead
connectors can be removed to allow you to plug the 8-way cable ends
directly into a drive :o\

If not you need 3 cables to get the pinouts correctly aligned; typically
you had the KDA50 -> bulkhead then the 'liquorish' flat cable to the drive
housing/cabinet, then another bulkhead -> drive connection that was
internal to the housing/cabinet.

I don't have pinouts but it should be fairly easy to make something I
would've thought.

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