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Wed Apr 27 21:13:41 CDT 2005

Joe -

According to the Nadeau book, the case for the Ampere WS-1, a Japanese
laptop, was designed by the same guy who designed the Datsun 280Z.  It was a
68000 VMEBus machine with a built-in microcasette drive.

What do you think you might want for the Attache?

-- Tony

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At 06:34 PM 4/27/05 -0400, Tony wrote:
>OK, I'm in...
>An iCom Attache would be nice, as would a Wang 2200.  I would also someday
>like to get an Ampere, an APL-based laptop.

   Tell me more about the Ampere. It sounds interesting. I have an Attache
that might be available for the right trade.


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