kda50 manual and sdi cables & questions

Heinz Wolter h.wolter at sympatico.ca
Thu Apr 28 08:55:01 CDT 2005

these RA73's are rather nice German made full height 5" SDI 2G drives with a
standard drive power connector and ba123/23 sled.
http://www.pdp11.co.uk/profiles/by-id/233/ they have two small connectors
and one larger one. I suspect the small are SDI, while the larger one is for
online. wp switches, ID plugs etc. The small pulse transformers are visible
on the right, lead to to the small connectors and match pictures I've seem
of "straight" KDA50 cables,( minus the bulkheads.)

"Witchy" <witchy at binarydinosaurs.co.uk> wrote
> > might be worth an experment - now to look up pinouts on the RA73 drive
> > everything's transformer isolated, but I'm not sure about mysterious
> > drive selects..
> I read elsewhere that if you get/make the right interface cable the drive
> will be happy on its own without any extra settings, plus don't the RAxx
> drives have manual selects on them anyway? I think without setting
> anything they'll default to ID 1 port A.
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