PC/Apple/etc. Cards Worth Keeping/Storing

Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Thu Apr 28 17:40:26 CDT 2005


> Ah, but how many of you have the same thing for the PCjr?  Or am I the only 

I do. It's a very complete manual, covering the mainboard, PSU, floppy 
controller, modem, parallel port sidecar, CGA monitor, printers, etc). 
There are 3 scehamtics 'missing' IMHO, though -- the floppy drive (which 
is, however, in the normal O&A techref), the PSU brick (which is just a 
transformer, I know, I built one...) and the keyboard. The IR receiver is 
there, as is a description of the keyboard protocol.

> one?  I have the tech reference as well as the hardware troubleshooting ref 
> (along with all the hardware loopback dongles for the PCjr).

I've never really trusted diagnostic programs. Trying to test a 
non-working device using a non-working device (itself!) doesn't seem to 
be very reliable. OK, it'll find things like a dead serial port buffer 
chip, but that's easy to find anyway....

> Or is PCjr stuff not collectable in any way?  It's more rare than 5150/5160 
> stuff, to be sure...  I feel like I'm the only one with PCjr stuff :-)

I have one, with the parallel port sidecar, 64K memory expansion card and 
internal floppy drive.

> Along these lines, is there any electronic copy availble of the PC tech ref.? 
> I ask because I am doing some CGA programming and would like to verify the 
> information I have against the official IBM docs.  My PCjr tech ref also goes 

What do you need to know? If it's not too much, I can look it up in my 



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