Stuff I want - all I want is a "0"

Tony Duell ard at
Thu Apr 28 17:48:03 CDT 2005

> "Rick Bensene" wrote:
> ...
> >- A full set of drive select (0-3) plugs for RL01/RL02 drives
> Heh. I could use a "0" myself.
> What does one do when one only has a "1"?
> it works, but i'd like a 0.  can I make one out of something else?

Well, the RK06/RK07 drives used numbers 0-7. They are the same as the RL 
series plugs physically, but the RL will ignore the MSB. So you could use 
a #4 plug from an RK06 or RK07

Alternatively, you could grab the printset and cut/jumper the back of the 
switch board as appropriate to force it to be drive 0 or whatever. Let me 
know if you want me to work out just how to do this.


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