TK50 / TK70 Media Differences

Jerome H. Fine jhfinexgs2 at
Thu Apr 28 18:31:43 CDT 2005

There is currently a discussion (argument?) on vmsnet.pdp-11
in respect of the media required for the TK70 tape drive.
Indeed, there is even a question of using the TK70 tape
drive on a PDP-11.

Has anyone any explicit knowledge and / or experience of a
TK70 tape drive on a PDP-11?

In respect of the media, does anyone know of any explicit
differences between a CompacTape and a CompacTape II?
Memorex used to have a page listing all DLT physical and
magnetic characteristics.  At the time, I was unable to
see any differences.

Can anyone at classiccmp help answer these questions?

My personal experience over the last 15 years using a
TK70 on a PDP-11 under RT-11 is that regular TK50 media
(CompacTape) have always been successfully used (over
100 TK50 media) with the TK70 tape drive (after the TK50
media are bulk erased if they were ever placed into a
TK50 tape drive - if they were completely unused, they
worked immediately).

Sincerely yours,

Jerome Fine
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