Teletype Troubleshooting

Dwight K. Elvey dwight.elvey at
Fri Apr 29 11:48:39 CDT 2005

 You can disconnect the motor and run it by hand, turning
the shaft. First after powering up, you need to turn the
shaft until the clutches release. You need to squeeze
the two tabs together that come from each clutch to
keep them from dragging when running slow. It is a little
hard to do while also holding the shaft. Once you've done
it, you'll understand.
 Anyway, you should be able to walk it through a letter
from the keyboard and you can watch to see what isn't
working right. Erratic operation is a little tougher
to find when running by hand because it tends to work
right at the slower speeds.
 I hope you have a manual. If not download the stuff
from the web page. You'll need the manual for adjustments
and disassembly.

>From: "Bill Kotaska" <bkotaska at>
>I am looking for troubleshooting tips for a 33 teletype.
>I'm testing in local mode and am getting incorrect characters 
>on (almost) every keypress. The characters will change even 
>with repeated pressings of the same key. I am pretty sure the 
>keyboard is outputting the correct codes.
>I wiped down the distributor surface (it was pretty grimy) and no change.
>I tried adjusting the range finder but could never find a point where the 
>characters were consistent.
>Is it possible to disconnect the motor drive belt and rotate the shaft 
>manually to get a closer look at what is happening mechanically?
>It's very hard to see what is going on in the selector area with the
>shaft spinning so fast.
>By the way, my drive belt is somewhat loose. Is there still a source
>for these? Or maybe an adjustment for tightening?

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