VCF Midwest update?

Bob Shannon bshannon at
Wed Aug 3 20:16:40 CDT 2005


I've enjoyed both VCF's I've attended, and if another it held in my
area I'll gladly volunteer my time to help.

Perhaps we could restore your Imlac at a show or something...

While I have reservations about exhibiting again, I am not anti-VCF
in any way, and I do support the shows.  The differences between
VCF east 1 and 2 were very clear.  I did not mean to suggest that
there is not a very clear evolution underway, or that the shows are
not improving (overall).

I'm sure these events are evolving and very clearly improving.  99%
of what people have said here is intended to help that process.

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> On Wed, 3 Aug 2005, Bob Shannon wrote:
>> I think future VCF events might want to look beyond emulating past 
>> events,
>> and evolve.
> Hi Bob.
> Thanks for your comments.  The VCF does evolve every year.  It's gone from
> an admittedly rinky-dink get together from VCF 1.0 in 1997 held at the
> local county fairgrounds to the mostly smooth and slick event that is now
> held yearly at the Computer History Museum, as well as the companion
> events held worldwide throughout the year.  I am always trying to come up
> with new ways to entertain people and make the show fun and fresh for
> visitors, exhibitors and attendees alike.
> The reality is that this is a low budget event with a relatively small fan
> base.  If I had the budget I'd hand out a bottle of wine and a personal
> escort to every attendee, but it is what it is and I do the best I can
> with the pathetic budget on which it is run.
>> But if people are going to move these large and valuable machines
>> around, they need to know the power, receiving and unloading arangements
>> well in advance. If perks are offered, they should be delivered. If
>> awards are given, it should be clearly stated (in advance) how this is
>> implemented, and if the process is formal (consistant) or random.
> I always make sure that we deliver what is promised and will continue to
> do so.  And I'll also make sure we improve communications so that
> everyone's expectations are met or, ideally, exceeded.
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