Analog modem emulator?

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> I have a great multi-port (8) ISA serial card that's super
> easy to configure.  It uses standard 16550s mapped to standard base
> addresses and uses one interrupt.  You can even chain up to 4(?) more
> cards to it that share the same interrupt.  It has an external connector
> (something like a DD-50) that then plugs into a breakout box where you
> have all 8 ports as DB-25s.  It's a generic board and I don't have any
> info off-hand to help you find one but if anyone's interested then e-mail
> me and I'll find out where you might be able to order one.  I'm sure they
> turn up on eBay from time to time as well.

It's called the Decision Computer Group PC-COM ISA Bus 8 port RS-232/422
card.  Here's some technical info:

Here's their website apparently:

Not sure how you're supposed to order one.  I used to buy mine through the
same company that wrote the C serial port library I used.


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