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At 01:54 AM 8/1/2005, you wrote:
>Wouldn't it be easier to just issue two MODE commands to redirect COM1: to CON, then feed debug a script to write out binary files?

Hey, that's why I think it would be a useful and interesting FAQ.
I thought the other guy's CTRL/Z preservation method was quite
cute, too.  I'm intrigued by solutions that would require a 
minimum of prep or magic tools on the sending PC.  

- John


Assuming the server is also running DOS, it seems to me the 
least prep or magic would be to use Interlnk/Intersvr, included 
in MS-DOS since around version 5. It can use serial or
parallel ports, redirect remote drives and printers, and can do a 
remote install if the receiving computer doesn't have a copy of
Interlnk. Needs a null modem serial cable of course, or a 
LapLink type of Parallel cable or adapter. Same as LapLink; 
not as fancy, but free. Check out the help files for Interlnk & Intersvr.

Didn't we just have a lengthy discussion about this a while ago?


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