Kenbak-1 on Ebay

Erik S. Klein classiccmp at
Mon Aug 1 22:47:58 CDT 2005

John sent me original coding sheets but hasn't located anything else of
interest (or doesn't want to provide it.) 

The Computer Museum of Nova Scotia sells a CD with most of the original
docs, but they are photos and not scans (i.e. he propped the book up on a
stand and took a digital photo of it) so they are harder to use than I'd
like, but hopefully he'll scan stuff someday.

I'd post those, but they aren't mine. . .

I don't know anyone else who has docs.  My Kenbak didn't come with any.

   Erik Klein
   The Vintage Computer Forum

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I couldn't find anything either. A year or so ago I
talked to both Robert Nielsen (apparently the 
original owner of the seven Kenbaks) and John
Blankenbaker himself, both were totally uninterested
in providing me with any information whatsoever. I
guess its in the "vault":( 

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