WCCF (Was: VCF Midwest update?

Martin Scott Goldberg wgungfu at csd.uwm.edu
Wed Aug 3 21:07:39 CDT 2005

Off by about 20 years there. ;)  1977.


>West Coast Computer Faire (note the pretentious trailing 'e')
>was started as an annual event in about 1997? by Jim Warren
>(think Intelligent Machines Journal, Dr. Dobbs, etc.)
>He's a big guy, and rolled around the shows on roller skates.
>There was no significant differentiation between exhibitors, attendees,
>and staff.
>The 1st one was San Francisco? (I missed that one)
>The 2nd one was in San Jose (and resembled VCF)
>The 3rd one was in Anaheim (and started to look like a trade show)
>(exhibitors and staff started being differentiated from attendees)
>The 4th one was in Brooks Hall and Civic Auditorium (SF) (1st one I
>exhibited at)
>They also started a spinoff show of "PC Faire"
>After a bunch of years in Brooks/Civic, filling the whole place, including
>selling booth space in the balcony of Civic, and in the hallway outside
>the crappers, Jim sold the show to McGraw Hill.
>Exhibitors, attendees, and staff became three separate groups.
>Apple objected to the number of non-Apple booths and pulled out.  Some
>Apple people insist on calling the WCCF "PC Faire", because it was not
>exclusively Apple.
>After McGraw Hill mismanaged it for a few years, including trying to hold
>it in Moscone Hall, they sold the show to Interface Group (Comdex).
>Staff became a separate entity, with exhibitors and attendees lumped
>If you wanted carpet in your booth, you had to either rent it from the
>show management for $75 for the weekend, or pay them $75 to unroll yours.
>We had one nut that wasn't a wing-nut in our booth - it cost us $70 to get
>caught using a wrench to tighten it.
>The show got smaller, and almost as expensive as Comdex; exhibitors became
>disgruntled.  Some Apple people boycotted the show, and Apple ONLY shows
>started up.
>Show management stopped respecting seniority for booth selection priority.
>I was tied for #1 on booth selection priority, and had a 10 x 10 corner
>booth, when they rearranged the floorplan and reassigned all of the space
>without consultation with exhibitors.
>The show went under.
>A number of times, we told Jim Warren that it was time to put the skates
>back on.
>> Wow, that sure would kill the shows.  Who would want a
>> bunch of union workers who may know nothing about your
>> system moving it?  (I'm thinking mini's and larger stuff here)

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