VCF Midwest update?

Roger Merchberger zmerch at
Wed Aug 3 09:26:42 CDT 2005

Rumor has it that Bob Shannon may have mentioned these words:

>>Dudez & Dudettez... It's all for the fun of it anyway!
>I'm not sure this approach works as well in all areas.

Then let me know which areas this doesn't work and I'll be sure to avoid them.

[[ OK, if there's implied attitude in the above statement, it's not 
intended.... ]]

98% of my workday involves Winblows, lusers, cow-orkers and spam. My other 
2% can be defined as "commute." Classic computing is something I do to get 
away from the "formality of crap" that makes up my day, and the few moments 
I get to steal away from my employer (well, that'd be me ;-) I consider to 
be a "3-minute personal holiday."

When classic computing becomes Ducks Unlimited, the Elks lodge or Bill 
Gates dinner parties, I'm either 1) moving to the mountains of British 
Columbia with a generator and solar power, to enjoy my classics in peace, 
or 2) selling it all, hoping I make enough for a one-way ticket to Germany 
so I can at least drink decent beer.

>These are in fact rare and valuable machines.  The value of these machines is
>clearly rising.  Collecting these machines will evolve, and many people are
>serious collectors already.
>I see no reason VCF events should not also evolve.

Well, if you're talking VCF explicitly, I think that would be up to Sellam, 
Pat, Hans and other that actually put them on. Others are certainly 
entitled to start their own venues and set their own rules.

I can say one thing: If the VCF's evolve in the direction you're hinting 
at, I'll bow out now, because I don't know if I'd have the same "intestinal 
fortitude" Sellam has to get the ball rolling on a similar project, and the 
"New and Improved" VCF would be no fun for me whatsoever.

[[ And yes, my coin collection has been for the most part static for 2 
decades, since that hobby was yanked out of the hands of the common man. ]]

All above is IMHO, of course.

Trying (and so far failing) to survive yet another grumpy Wednesday,
Roger "Merch" Merchberger

P.S. Why do they always call Wednesdays "hump day" when I'm too damn tired 
for sex??? :-O ;-)

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