Grrr - !%#*^@# Kaypro!

Dave Dunfield dave04a at
Wed Aug 3 17:04:39 CDT 2005

>> Tried ImageDisk on some Kaypro disks this morning...
>> Buggers recorded side1 as additional sectors of side0.
>> The different set of sector numbers didn't bother
>> ImageDisk, but it had a bit of a tantrum with the Head
>> ids which didn't match the physical head selection.
>Quite common :-(
>765 insists on accurate sector headers;
>WD 179x can ignore the head # field in the sector headers.
>The Kaypro won't even mind reading/writing a disk,
>if you FORMAT it with a 765 using valid sector headers!

Actually, the 765 handles it fine ... my original software
stored only the physical head indicator per track - now I
can store a map of indicators for each sector, and it
reads/formats/writes Kaypro (and Zorba which does the same
thing) disks without issue.

You do have to tell the 765 what "head" you are reading in
the ID field, but fortunately you can do this imdependantly
of the physical head select - I determine all the sector
headers in the analysis phase, so I "know" which heads to
request now...

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