HP2648A terminal

Bob Shannon bshannon at tiac.net
Sun Aug 7 09:28:47 CDT 2005

HP made the (excellent) HP1350 and HP1351 vector graphics boxes, but
these have no keyboard input capability.

Vector quality is very very good, better than a DEC VT-11 IMO, but
the VT-11 is a bit more advanced (more capable).

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>> Hi,
>> does anyone have a manual for one of these? It says graphics terminal on 
>> it,
>> is it a vector terminal like the Tektronix units, or some other device?
> I think it's a raster-scanned terminal, with a bitmap-like graphics board
> in it. Did HP ever make a vector _terminal_ (as opposed to a vector
> display device, they certainly made those).
> A useful site for older large (not handheld) HP machines is
> http://www.hpmuseum.net. The chap who runs it has a lot more manuals
> scanned that he can't host on his site, and he seems to approve of anyone
> who wants to preserve HP machines. He's provided me with information by
> private e-mail in the past.
> Worth asking him anyway (his contact details are on the site somewhere).
> -tony

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