Advent Systems?

Tony Duell ard at
Mon Aug 8 16:54:01 CDT 2005

> > I thought it was Advent Imaging, but anyway...
> Quite possible someone made a mistake in writing the disk labels of
> course (they're copies, not originals)
> > Advent were a major user of PERQs in the UK at one time. I got my T4 (!) 
> Nice! :) I gather the T4's pretty rare...

I believe only 2 are known...

> I think one of the PERQ boards I picked up yesterday's probably an OIO.
> I've got one complete machine (but currently totally dismantled) with
> landscape monitor, keyboard etc. from Dave W. (PNX on the 5.25" disk)

They're not hard to put together. The boards go into the cardcage with 
the chips facing the RHS of the machine, and the boards are keyed so they 
can't go in the wrong slots. From the left, the slots are : CPU Option 
(nearly always empty, although a few hackers put a tape streamer card in 
there), CPU, Memory, EIO, OIO.

The EIO board has 2 50 pin edge connectors on the front. The top one goes 
to the floppy drive (normal SA800 connections). The bottom one goes to 
the DIB (Disk Interface Board), and thence to the hard disk.

Ignore the front connectors on the CPU board unless you have a logic 
analyser and want to trace the microcode. They're the microcode address 
and data lines, bascially.

The OIO board will also have front connectors. The top 2 (50 pin) are the 
PERQlink parallel interface. The bottom one is normally not used, but 
I've hacked mine to be a QIC-02 streamer interface. You can generally 
ignore those.

The landscape monitor is a Moniterm chassis. They are _very_ unreliable. 
The CRTs lose emission, the EHT blocks (a partially-potted module, there 
is no schematic in the official service manual) fail too. I must do a 
workarounf for the latter sometime. The KME Portrait monitors (as on the 
T1s) are a lot more reliable.


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