New Figurematic Today

Tim Shoppa shoppa_classiccmp at
Tue Aug 9 17:00:08 CDT 2005

> [Marchant figurematic 8ADX] Anyone know a source for a power cord
> for this machine?

Is it circular with two cylindrical prongs in the jack?  This
was semi-common on office equipment in the 40's/50's/60's.  I don't
know where to buy them new, but keep an eye open for other office
equipment from that era.

If you can find similar shape/size contacts in any of the "modern"
plug/receptacle lines, one common technique is to crimp the contacts
onto wires and then mold (using epoxy, hard silicone/RTV, etc.) a
new plug around them.

For just dinking around many of us have been known to use alligator
clips :-).


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