Altair serial port update

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Wed Aug 10 01:17:19 CDT 2005

OK. I have a question about how this list works. This message just came
through today. I could swear that I saw replies to this email two days ago.
There seem to be 3 or 4 people who get these emails immediately and reply to
them and I don't see the originals until much later when I get 65 emails at
once from this list. The last part I understand, I think, the list is
moderated, and the moderator can't do this all day every day. I also see
that the few guys that seem to respond early are very knowledgeable and
probably deserve some special access, if that's what's going on. What am I

BTW - the message in this email is something I always tell my networking
classes - I have learned several times the lesson to always check the
physical layer first. Now if I could just remember it ...


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> 	Word to the wise -- always check the cabling. 


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