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Rob O'Donnell at
Fri Aug 12 05:33:41 CDT 2005

At 00:56 12/08/2005, Tony Duell wrote:

> > Yep, for BBC.  (At least, I have an image of a "Workstation" ROM, (C)1983
> > University of Sussex Computing Centre, so I presume it's the same thing!)
>ALmost certainly is.
> >
> > It's a terminal emulator - VT52, 4010 or "dumb".  The "setup" option only
> > allows changing of baud rate, up to 9600, so it seems not to be a
>What, no parity, etc, settings. Ouch!

Indeed..  Very basic!

A lot of my past involvement with Beebs was modem/comms based (started with 
writing a BBS, ended up working for Micronet) so I had rather a large 
collection of various terminal emulators and associated utilities... this 
was not one I ever actually used!

One I did use: I'm in the process of sorting out the heap of beeb stuff, 
and found myself running my old modified version of Kermit-in-ROM to talk 
(via an iolan terminal server) to one of the BSD boxes here to swap some 
files the other day...  A 20 year old compile of kermit talking serial to a 
version I set up on the day, running in a telnet session.  Not bad!

Weirdest ROM I came across, yesterday as it happens: "BBC Terminal control 
ROM, 0.23, (c) Cambridge control systems"
Apart from a basic terminal emulator & unremarkable SRAM loading mechanism, 
it contains an I/O filing system!  Allows you to use standard file channels 
to access IO ports, memory & 1MHz bus.  Nice ..


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