ImageDisk update

Dave Dunfield dave04a at
Fri Aug 12 21:39:09 CDT 2005

In case anyone is interested, an updated ImageDisk is available:

1.00 = Inital public release
1.01 = Added Sector Cylinder/Head maps for disks with non-standard C/H
       values. Minor fixes and help update.
1.02 = Fully independant side0/side1 analysis.
       Fix reanalyze corrupting sector numbering map (major bug)
       Fix IMDAM to find sectors in "short" images.
       Major code cleanup, numerous minor bugs fixed and enhancements.
1.03 = Added options to control read/write interleave.
       Added low-level format function.
       Fix to recal twice to handle 765's limited to 77 tracks.
       Fix to timeout on hung FDC
       Update IMDAM to insert missing/excluded tracks during merge.

ImageDisk is available from my site:

Look at the "Disk/Software images" section (link near bottom of main page).
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