DEC program listing

Paul Koning pkoning at
Sun Aug 14 11:32:16 CDT 2005

>>>>> "Miroslav" == Miroslav Pokorni <mpokorni2000 at> writes:

 Miroslav> Hello everyone, I am looking for listing of a program. It
 Miroslav> is for DEC PDP11s, used under test monitor XXDP. The
 Miroslav> program is WLINK, used for checking out DRV-11W boards in
 Miroslav> link mode between two machines. The board, DRV-11W, is
 Miroslav> intended for 16 bit parallel interface either between DEC
 Miroslav> machines with Unibus or Q Bus or between a Q Bus machine
 Miroslav> and an external device.

 Miroslav> I am told, the program is written in some strange language
 Miroslav> used by DEC people who supported manufacturing, but the
 Miroslav> listing is in Assembler, I have seen it and used it some 15
 Miroslav> years ago.

If the listing is assembler then that would presumably be the source
language as well.  I can't imagine what else would be used for PDP-11
diagnostics.  The only other language that could, maybe, do the job
would be Bliss, but I don't know that DEC ever did anything in Bliss
on PDP-11s.  (Good thing too; "Bliss is Ignorance" as the saying


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