PDP11 stuff in OZ

Ashley Carder wacarder at earthlink.net
Wed Aug 17 12:54:26 CDT 2005

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> Subject: PDP11 stuff in OZ
> If someone is nearby..
> http://www.psych.usyd.edu.au/pdp-11/equip_list.html

If anyone is in Australia and is willing to collect and ship
some items to the USA for me, I will be glad to pay you
for your time and effort.  I have attempted to contact the
owner of these items but have not received a response.

I would very much like to have the spare 11/40 CPU set
since I have both a functional 11/40 and 11/35, as well
as a sick 11/35.   My 11/40 is part of a historic functional
display of a 1970s timesharing academic computer center 
and I would like to be able to have spares to keep it up
and running.

If anyone in Australia is willing to help, please contact
me off-list at wacarder at usit.net.


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