New POWER toys

Sridhar Ayengar ploopster at
Thu Aug 18 22:02:39 CDT 2005

William Donzelli wrote:
>>And can anyone recommend any of the cool cards/options to look out
>>for?  It's my first AIX box.
> There are some ass-kicking (for the time) video cards for the very early
> RS/6000s that took up three slots (!). Pretty rare. Even rarer are the
> very cool routing coprocessor cards. I have found the 10base2 and V.35
> routing cards in the wild, but the FDDI and HSSI cards are basically
> unavailable. 
> William Donzelli
> aw288 at

I've found all of those cards fairly often on ebay.  FDDI cards go for 
cheap.  I have loads of them.

Peace...  Sridhar

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