Assignment V equality

Scott Stevens chenmel at
Fri Aug 19 18:07:51 CDT 2005

On Thu, 18 Aug 2005 06:00:54 -0400
shoppa_classiccmp at (Tim Shoppa) wrote:

> > Hang on a minute, does anyone *really* find the use of "=" as
> > assignation, and "="
> > as equivalence, in *any way* confusing?
> No, but I have extreme difficulties that on some machines you
> have to click "Start" to stop, and you have to click on "my computer"
> even though it's not my computer.
> Tim.

You click 'start' to start the shutdown sequence.

Pressing a button to 'stop' the computer is the old way, on
non-multitasking computers.  It wrecks havoc on filesystems, data
structures, etc.

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