Used laptop stampede

John Foust jfoust at
Wed Aug 17 19:39:12 CDT 2005

At 07:35 PM 8/17/2005, Scott Stevens wrote:
>You'd be amazed at how wasteful school districts are with computer
>hardware money.  I'm constantly amazed, at the auctions I attend.  Most
>recently, it was a college auction, not a grade/high-school auction, but
>I found myself able to buy as many as several dozen Dell Pentium III
>machines for $5 each (I only bought six).

When you have hundreds or even thousands of PCs to oversee,
uniformity is the admin's friend.  Non-conforming and mildly 
malfunctioning PCs are flushed.

For that matter, if you consider your time and effort (not to 
mention the Microsoftian licensing issues) to even examine or
refurb those PCs, it's hard to justify the expense.  If you
work for charity, it might be another matter.

That sort of PC from Wisconsin's surplus sales recently went
for about $25 each in large lots.  They go for more in ones-ies.

- John

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