Rodime RO200 series

lee davison leeedavison at
Thu Aug 18 04:54:12 CDT 2005

>> This is a Xebec board, no identifying marks apart from 'Rev E04'

> It's probably a Xebec S1410 board; ... Lots of analogue circuitry
> toward the top of the board in the middle, ROM bottom-right, and
> 3 40-pin ICs toward the bottom of the board in the middle.

That's the beastie, Z80 CPU, 4K ROM and 1K RAM (2 x 2114) seem to
make up the brains of the card.

> These boards don't support Identify - which is what makes plugging
> them into modern hardware in order to archive data a real pain.

I'll have to fix up an Amiga with it's ST506/SCSI card and try that
on the drive then.

> If just have a J4 connector (not present on all boards) ...

Not present on this one.

> That Xebec's actually SASI not SCSI incidentally... if the Torch
> SCSI board is operating in some kind of SASI mode then a modern
> SCSI drive might not be too happy talking to it.

I was going to try some Seagate 20MB and 40MB drives, when I find them.

> SCSI command class 0, opcode 0x0C is 'initialise drive
> characteristics' - the host needs to send this to the board with
> params in order that> the board can address the drive(s) properly.

I presume it can do a read of whatever sector holds these parameters
first though.

> (the S1410 manual's on the floor here from where I've been bodging
> a homebrew SASI controller onto a PC in order to drive one of the
> boards :)

Isn't reading the destructions like cheating? 8^)=




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