QuantumLink progress update

Cameron Kaiser spectre at floodgap.com
Thu Aug 18 10:16:52 CDT 2005

> >Just to let folks know that the QLink server re-implementation is 
> >going well.  At present, the following is working:
> Didn't Radio Shack resell the QLink service for the IBM PC in the 
> early 90's?  ISTR, that was one of the services I was on back then 
> (Prodigy, GEnie, Compuserve, and I think QLink).

Had to have been AOL, sorry. QLink only ever was a Commodore service. There
was a GEOS-based AOL client for DOS, and I think that did appear in some
Radio Shack stores. I don't know if it was an official promo deal, though.

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