Bit Banger(s) we all have known.

Paul Koning pkoning at
Sun Aug 21 13:54:20 CDT 2005

>>>>> "Tom" == Tom Watson <sdc695 at> writes:

 Tom> ard at (Tony Duell) said:
 >> The earliest desktop comuter I know of with a bit-banged serial
 >> port is the HP9830.
 Tom> <<<deletia>>>
 >> I have never seen a bit-banged RS232 (or current loop) port on a
 >> minicomputer. Anyone know of one?

Wasn't there a DEC multi-line interface that used a PDP-8 internally?
Or was used with a PDP-8???

A classmate of mine built a 4004 based PC from scratch, back in 1974.
It had a bitbanger interface, which made the boot loader rather
hairy.  (Papertape was the only program load medium, apart from the
hex keypad.)


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