Hydra Systems : Mac on ISA card ??

Chandra Bajpai cbajpai at comcast.net
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This is definitely a Mac-compatible (hardware-wise) on a PC ISA card.  I
remember when Hydra Systems out of Silicon Valley (San Jose I think)
introduced the product back in 1991.  All you needed to do was to add some
Mac 128K ROMS (ala Atari MagicSac) and you could make your PC run Mac
software.  Tom Owad would be a great source of info...he's been interested
in Mac Compatibles for a long time...I gave him my Akkord Mac compatible.
(which is probably something I'll regret)

If you find a MacWorld with the NuTek Mac compatible article on the front
cover, you should find a reference to the Hydra board in it.


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 Doubt it's any sort of Mac on a card, though it does
appear to be a reasonably complete 68K based system.
Got any pics? Can't help with the drivers. There was a
Circuit Cellar article (BYTE) probably in the late
80's that described a project based on a 68020 IIRC.
It may have been a graphics board though - for an IBM

--- Bernd Kopriva <bernd at kopriva.de> wrote:

> Hi,
> i got an ISA card, that includes a MC68000-16, 4 ATT
> 3030-100 chips, 4 MByte Ram and
> connectors labeled SCSI and Floppy Drive/Floppy
> Controller ...
> ... it was manufactured 1990/91 by Hydra Systems.
> Google revealed, that this could be
> a "Andor One"/"Hydra One". Does anyone have some
> more information, and maybe the
> software required to operate that card ?
> Thanks alot
> Bernd

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