IBM Convertible 5140 saga

Michael B. Brutman mbbrutman at
Thu Aug 25 00:10:48 CDT 2005


This sounds amazingly familiar ..  are you writing those diskettes in a 
1.44MB drive?

Even with the correct double density media I've had trouble writing 
double density diskettes using a 1.44MB drive.  Try finding a genuine 
DOS 3.3 diskette, not a copy made in a 1.44MB drive.  Or cut your 
diskette images to disk using a genuine 720K drive.  That'll probably work.

(I had similar problems when trying to boot a PCjr using a 720KB 
diskette drive.  None of the diskettes I made using a 1.44MB drive 
worked, even with the correct media.  Only diskettes made on a 720KB 
drive were bootable.)


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