DEC network card?

Paul Koning pkoning at
Thu Aug 25 12:21:02 CDT 2005

>>>>> "Simon" == Simon Fryer <fryers at> writes:

 Simon> On Thu, 25 Aug 2005 12:16:22, Joe R. <rigdonj at>
 Simon> wrote:
 >> Does anyone recognize this card?
 >> <

 Simon> Cabling looks like SDI.


 >> > I found it in a PDP-11/44 but I couldn't find a model number or
 >> manufacturer's name on it. The other end of the four red cables
 >> connect to four BNC connectors on the back of the cabinet and are
 >> marked Network Ports. see
 >> <>

 Simon> The BNC connectors are a bit novel if it is SDI.

If they were TNC (threaded not bayonet) I'd suspect it to be a CI
interface card (from an HSC50 or the like).

It doesn't look like a DEC board (unless the digital logo is on the
other side).  The cable attachment for those coax cables doesn't have
a DEC look to it, either.  And the picture of the back has a mil-spec
look to it.  I wonder if this is a military databus interface.

It's hard to tell from the back panel photos.  Are those connectors
actually BNC, or are they like BNC but a bit smaller?  Do they have
three or four prongs instead of the conventional 2 bayonet prongs?  If
so, they'd be TPS connectors, which fits the databus hypothesis.


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