Dolch V.P.A.C. 386-SX or portables.

Gil Carrick gilcarrick at
Fri Aug 26 22:35:08 CDT 2005

The Dolch boxes I saw were Sniffers, and were very similar to the Compaq
III. An IBM "AT" board was huge, but the clone industry sort of hit on a
"baby AT" form factor that was much smaller and pretty standard. 



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> What I'm wondering about is is this dolch lunchbox can take a 
> standard AT boards or not?
> I saw this on ebay and I was wondering because google didn't 
> turn up photos of innards of these Dolch lunchboxes.
> Was looking to outfit a lunchbox with my parts laying around.  
> (386DX, all the goodies.)
> Eurocom did have a cached 386DX LCD semi-notebook that takes 3.5" 1" 
> height HD.  I have seen one before and it's innards.  Know of 
> one of those?
> Cheers, Wizard

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