XTs and large hard disks

jpero at sympatico.ca jpero at sympatico.ca
Mon Aug 29 18:25:34 CDT 2005

> Hi everyone!
> I have an old Portable PC that I put a 2MB memory card in, along with an EGA
> card, sound card, and some other stuff.  I'm doing my best to max it out.
> Anyway, I'm having some trouble with hard disks.  I have two hard disk
> controllers: a Seagate ST02 SCSI/Floppy controller, and a Juko Labs D16-X
> IDE controller.  Now both of these cards work okay, except they recognize
> some strange sizes for the disks.  The only disk that seems to show up
> correctly is a Quantum LP105S...the others I tried, all bigger than a gig,
> are either not recognized, or recognized with the wrong size.  This is also
> the case with the IDE controller - everything is recognized at 10MB.  I
> purchased an LBA PRO card for my machine hoping to overcome the large disk
> size problem, but all it does is freeze the machine...however, if I remove
> the 8088 and replace it with a NEC V20, I get the banner for the hard disk
> drive card, and THEN the machine freezes.
> So my questions are: 
> 1. Does anyone know a good solution for putting a large drive in an XT,
> while still leaving it an XT?
> 2. Should I leave the V20 in?  I've heard it has compatibility issues with
> some programs, but I'm not solid on my information.
> Regards,
> Julian

This particlar can't handle this large due to decoding issues or 
capacity issues (1GB is too large for 8088 than needed), either the 
XT is a shoddy clone the TTL timings is not right if using a firmware 
add on to handle large IDE capacities.

The SCSI is best for this if stuck with 8088.  Otherwise keep under 
500MB with IDE, not even 540, have to be under 500.  Is the portable 
standard XT or baby AT layout?  Go with 286 or 386DX then everything 
else will work as described.  There are many 286 and 386 boards that 
has XT mounting holes layouts.  Choose carefully, there are so many 
junk out there.

Cheers, Wizard

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