IBM 7090 Music

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Tue Aug 30 11:48:19 CDT 2005

Sorry, originally posted last week so this show is long gone. Thought the
post would make the list faster than it did (4 days lag).

Lee Courtney

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> Subject: IBM 7090 Music
> Hi all,
> KFOG here in the SF Bay Area has a show called 10 at 10 where they play 10
> songs from a past year with historical tidbits between songs. Today's show
> from 1968 included a clip from the Bob Newkirk(sp?) show of an IBM 7090
> playing music and singing.
> It will be replayed tonight at 10PM Pacific and can be heard via
> KFOG's web
> site The previous weeks shows are also replayed Saturday
> morning starting at 7AM pacific. The particular clip is about 17 minutes
> into the show.
> Enjoy!
> Lee C.

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