More parts I need to replace on the VT100

Tony Duell ard at
Thu Dec 1 17:16:45 CST 2005

> > I find those sort of tips totally useless!. There could be many causes of 
> > 'no vertical deflection' (or whatever), the fact that _once_ it was 
> > caused by a particular set of components doesn't mean it always is.
> I can't agree there.  When I used to repair TVs and video recorders and 
> the like, I (like others) tended to find that different makes had their 
> own particular favourite stock faults.

If you run a reapir shop, I can see the use of them. Probably 90% of all 
fauts are 'stock faults' and can be found in the database. It'll get 
those units off the bench quickly. And I've heard of repair shops that 
look for the stock faults and if it's something else, they return the 
unit as being beyond repair (OUCH!).

However, they seem to be a lot less use when it's a one-off unit which 
you need to repair no matter what (like a classic computer). You're going 
to have to do real fault diagnosis sometimes anyway, it doesn't make it 
much more difficult to do it properly every time.

> In that case, for example, if you got a Ferguson ICC9-chassis TV on the 
> bench with no EW correction and excessive width, you'd go straight for a 
> particular electrolytic somewhere around the scan drive circuit. 
> Annoyingly enough I can't remember which one and my telly has just 
> started doing that...

Alternatively you could get out he schematic, _understnad it_ and work 
out what components could cause this problem.


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