More parts I need to replace on the VT100

Tony Duell ard at
Thu Dec 1 16:53:21 CST 2005

> Thanks for all the advice, and no, I didn't find any offense whatsoever in
> your post.  I think you for the advice and I checked that book out from the

You;'d be suprised. Some people take offence at being told what they 
consider to be obvious. 

> library here at work (I work at a community college)

It''s not a cheap book, but I'd strongly advise buying your own copy. It 
is not a book you are going to grow out of quickly (if at all, I consider 
that I have a reasonable understnading of electronics, but I still often 
lookt in TAoE). It's one of those books that I think every hacker should 
own (along with the 'Minix book' we discussed last week, K&R, etc).


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