New Toy- 8088 SBC

Tony Duell ard at
Fri Dec 2 17:41:21 CST 2005

> I competed in the horserace called eBay last week and acquired what to 
> me is a wonderful piece of hardware-  A commercially produced 8088 
> single board computer that uses ALL TTL logic except for the 8088 
> processor itself.  It has a compliment of 8 bit input and output ports 

What, no MOS ROM or RAM chips (sorry, couldn't resist)!

> made with 20-pin TTL chips, and the docs include full schematics.  I can 

I have a thing called an MPF-88. (Microprofessor 88). It uses an 8088 
processor with about 24K of SRAM (6264 chips), ROMs, and a lot of TTL. 
It's in a flat case about the size of a laptop, the front part of the top 
is a QWERTY keyboard and a 2-line LCD display, the rear section unclips 
to reveal the mainboard). There is one ISA slot (not full implemented, 
there's no DMA or inerrupt contorller chip from what I rememebr), and an 
expansio card edge that's much the same pinout.

The ROM contains a monitor and a BIOS that's almost PC-compatible. I have 
an extenstion ROM in mine that will use an MDA or CGA card if one is 
present in place of the LCB.

Oh yes, the manuals that came with it include full schematics and ROM 
source listings.

Alas I never got the Forth ROM for mine :-(.


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