More parts I need to replace on the VT100

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>> > 
>> > Thanks for all the advice, and no, I didn't find any offense whatsoever in
>> > your post.  I think you for the advice and I checked that book out from the
>> You;'d be suprised. Some people take offence at being told what they 
>> consider to be obvious. 
>> > library here at work (I work at a community college)
>> It''s not a cheap book, but I'd strongly advise buying your own copy. It 
>> is not a book you are going to grow out of quickly (if at all, I consider 
>> that I have a reasonable understnading of electronics, but I still often 
>> lookt in TAoE). It's one of those books that I think every hacker should 
>> own (along with the 'Minix book' we discussed last week, K&R, etc).
>I have the first edition (black slipcover) and bought it back when I was making a mere $4 an hour in the early 80's.  And I have never regretted that purchase.  It is the 'modern' edition of 'The Radiotron Designer's Handbook' which is a similar book from the vacuum tube era.  Lots of substancial content.  The Art of Electronics can be your ONLY electronics book and stand well in that role.  
>It was written, incidentally, to BE the only needed electronics book, for technically minded people, scientists, etc.  For the kind of scientist who rolls up his/her sleeves and builds his/her own test equipment for the lab.

When It comes to books it's about thin only thing I spend too much on.  My library 
includes books like the Radio Amatuers Handbook(arrl press) from for about every 
five years or when they made format changes about 1955 to current, OSDI Minix 
second edition hard cover, K&R the little white book and a Bell Tel "A" size 
copy from their think tank with margin notes, Of course the Grey, orange and
Blue walls and a couple of feet of the DEC handbooks.  Then I get into things 
like parts databooks going back to when dirt was being spec'd.  Information 
and the books that contain them are the single most precious part of what I 
have because it spans all aspects of electronics.  

Now the 'The Radiotron Designer's Handbook' fits in that pile as just one more
opinion along with my old college texts.


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