Kennedy 9600 9-track w/DQ132 on mVAX-II??

Robert Armstrong bob at
Thu Dec 1 12:53:23 CST 2005

>Adrian Graham wrote:

> The 9600s we look after are all SCSI but you could swap out 
> the SCSI modules for others IIRC. The SCSI module will say 
> what it is if you open the drive up and check the card cage 
> in the back.

  The interface board in mine is Kennedy #7113, Rev D.  It doesn't say
anything about SCSI that I can find, but then it doesn't mention Pertec
either :-)  It also has a nice little blue tag that says "Tests Good,
8/29/93" :-)

  It does have two 50 pin edge card connectors labeled J1 and J2 - certainly
looks like Pertec to me.  By coincidence SCSI is also 50 pins, but it
doesn't normally use a card edge connector.

> I think we've got the service guide; I can ask the lads that 
> look after them.

  Thanks - I'd appreciate it.


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