Hp plotter

Jimmy D brushman at esper.com
Mon Dec 5 22:14:23 CST 2005

Tony, thanks for the help. It's more than I knew before. 
I can be persistent, in fact a friend of mine is looking up 
"communications analiser" as we speak. He too uses an
 old HP. Somewhere, I may find the answers. I've got friends
 that are very much into computers. The more I think about it,
 the longer the list grows! One for instance had me paint
 "free recycling" on the front of his computer store.
 That sounds like something with real possibilities for the people
on this board. He gets shipping pallets full of the old stuff. 
Got to be something interesting in there. 
  How about this: you just go to a sign maker,
 have them cut you some vinyl letters that say "free computer recycling, www..."
maybe a ph number. Put the lettering on the back window of you vehicle,
and bingo! Old stuff. Find out what they have, if you're not interested,
 give the location of a different place that takes it.
 In fact, to show my gratitude for this board, I'll send said lettering
FREE to the first 3 people that ask for it. 
:) Just havin' fun (but the offer is valid), thanks again.

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