Original Dr. Dobbs Issues

Paul R. Santa-Maria paulrsm at buckeye-express.com
Sun Dec 4 02:08:26 CST 2005

> Are there any online archive(s) of the
> original Dr. Dobbs journals?

The first twelve years of DDJ (1976-1987)
were reprinted in bound volumes.  From
1988 on, DDJ has published back issues
on CD-ROM.  Unless someone has scanned
and maybe OCR'd some articles, as I have
with some 6502 and Apple II items, then
no.  I do have a spare volume 1 if you
need it.  If I can get volumes 9-12 then
I can get rid of the individual issues
from 1984-1987.

My Simtel CD-ROM has DDJ source code
from 1986 through early 1994.

Paul R. Santa-Maria
Monroe, Michigan USA

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