VS2000 speed (was RE: A Hobbyist DECnet Network)

a.carlini@ntlworld.com arcarlini at iee.org
Fri Dec 9 13:03:42 CST 2005

Robert Armstrong wrote:
>> The VS2k is a bare bones uVAX-II cpu and inst very fast but I never
>> thought the boot to be unusually slow unless the dianogstic
>> were running.
>   RD5x drives are painfully slow, and this is especially a problem in
> the VS2000 because the integrated disk controller a) lacks DMA, and
> b) lacks the T11 chip to do local processing found in a RQDXn - the
> uVAX CPU has to do all the work.   

Wolfgang Moeller produced some patches way back when for the
uVAX/VS 2000 that would allow it to use a SCSI disk.

Never actually tried it myself (as I had RD drives available
and faster machines if I just wanted speed).



Antonio carlini
arcarlini at iee.org

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