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> Cameron Kaiser wrote:
> >>What's really water under the bridge is 16-bit mode in Windows.  Vista
> >>doesn't support it, period.   Maybe someone will write a 16-bit emulator
>  >
> > PPC applications written for the G3 under Carbon. That means Classic
> > -- including 68K apps -- will probably die in the future.
> What bothers me is:  How hard is it to include an emulator?  Who cares if
> emulator is 100x as slow as the real thing when you're running it on a
> that is capable of running OS X or Windows Vista?
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I don't see the point of having so much legacy support in newer OS versions
(it is more complicated and has more code to create bugs). If there is a
need for such things then some company will develop a means of using your
older software via an emulator. Besides what is so hard about keeping a
legacy system in the house if you really need to run a 10 year old app on
occasion? OS developers should concentrate on making their OS stable and
reliable plus having good APIs, not in programming emulators and other

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