Cap reformation question

Scott Stevens chenmel at
Thu Dec 8 19:48:16 CST 2005

On Thu, 08 Dec 2005 11:03:53 -0500
"Christian R. Fandt" <cfandt at> wrote:

> Here's the link I was given last year from one of my military
> electronics  collector lists:
> Even covers capacitor rated working voltages down to 5 volts,
> which is  applicable to our solid-state needs (read: lower
> voltage supplies). Most  other cap reforming articles apply to
> antique radio and other vacuum tube  (valve) electronics,
> including the early tube computers, that have  operating
> voltages in the hundreds.
> Regards,  Chris F.

I have what is the 'perfect' bridge for testing and refurbishing
capacitors.  It is an old US Navy portable LCR bridge.  It
features an 'eye' tube for the null detector, and it has a built
in power supply.  You can charge capacitors up to over 400 volts
while simultaneously bridging them.  The voltmeter that you use to
set the voltage has a momentary ammeter switch setting, so you can
see what current a capacitor is drawing as you apply the charge
voltage.  It's interesting to use, because the 'Q' of old
higher-voltage capacitors improves as you bring the working
voltage up.  It is definitely an 'instrument to die for' if you're
a tube equipment enthusiast.  Not as aesthetic as a General Radio
1650 (which runs on "D" cells) but an excellent piece of

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