Legacy apps in Windows/OS X was Re: Old MS-DOS & Win Software

Gordon JC Pearce gordonjcp at gjcp.net
Sat Dec 10 04:14:45 CST 2005

woodelf wrote:

> I had forgotton about the V20's. Still a good way to get a few more % of 
> speed.

My memory may be clouded by university-grade levels of S&D&R&R but I 
distinctly remember selling a kit with a V20 and 8087 to XT-class PC 
owners in the shop I used to work in, *way* back in the early 90s.

These machines were usable but getting pretty low-end, the CPUs were 
generally socketed (we'd^H^H^H^HI would - the other guy wouldn't do them 
'cos of his eyesight - desolder soldered in ones and fit a socket and 
the kit, all for an hour of workshop time) and it really was "bolt-on 
power".  Just the V20 alone made a noticable difference to some 
programs, and the 8087 made maths stuff a hell of a lot quicker.


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