3.25" diskettes

Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Sun Dec 11 13:03:23 CST 2005

> Did Sinclair use them purely because Amstrad had taken them over (or were 
> about to) and Amstrad forced them to use that drive? I remember magazine 
> articles around the +3 launch complaining that it didn't have a 3.5" drive.

Did Sinclair ever use the 3" drive (or any other floppy?) The Spectrum +3 
was surely late enough to actually be an Amstrad (which would explain the 
3" drive).

> Actually, I'd followed Sinclair up to that point - it was the fact that the +3 
> had a 'funny' drive which put me off getting one; I held out with my +2 for a 

I always thought the 3" disk was mechanically superior to the 3.5" one. 
Pity more manufacturers didn't use it.


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