Copyright -- was PC-DOS 3.3

woodelf bfranchuk at
Mon Dec 12 22:16:18 CST 2005

Chuck Guzis wrote:

>So, I decide that I still want to write my arrangement and remain here in
>cold soggy Oregon.
    One question!  Can you play the Kazoo? :)
Well check out this --
The world of triodes. .

>I locate the copyright owner, which (fortunately) is still the Gershwin
>trust, whose rights to the work are (unfortunately) administered by Hal
>Leonard/Warner Brothers, which is a division of Disney (some of the most
>difficult people you can imagine dealing with).  
I can't say I am a fan of Disney, mostly because of self adverting, 
still they are the only  people
people who can re-release Studio Ghibli's works in english, because they 
agreed to do NO editing
of the films but just translation from japanese into english.
A web site about his films

>There is yet another twist of copyright law that accompanies the fall of
>the old Soviet Union.  Works that once were public domain in the USA
>because Warsaw Pact copyrights weren't recognized can be in the same class
>as "toothpaste back into the tube"--that is, they can have their copyrights
While I have taken a few software packages from work to home to work at 
home, like
DOS and some programimg software that never made it back later to work, 
I for the most
part want to buy the software providing it reasonable. The same goes for 
music , I don't mind
paying a resonable sum for music, but I don't think music needs to 
re-priced higher every time
the media changes and quality goes down.
$#@! On being able to get "Those where the days"  by Mary Hopkin from 
Apple records
on CD. I have the used record but my cheap turntable died.


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