CUBIX/6809 updates

woodelf bfranchuk at
Tue Dec 13 16:05:58 CST 2005

Allison wrote:

>I sure a Xylinx mumblefrap with all the right goop could get you 
>that.  However with 8k srams, 8keproms and a amazingly small 
>handfull of parts.. As drawn by Dave 27 chips gets you 48k ram,
>OS in 8k Eprom, 2 serial ports, FDC that can handle 4 disks 
>(360/720 5.25 or 720k 3.5" and 8" is basicaly there).  If you
>recognize that the six 8Ksrams can be replaced with one 64k sram
>you knock off 5 chips and the FDC portion is 10-11 chips alone 
>(basic 765 with ttl around it). If one could find a smc9229 FDI 
>or mod the circuit for 37C65 that chip count gets much smaller.
>I happen to have some 64k srams and the majikal super rare 
>custom FDI so the chip count will be under 20.  As small single
>board systems go that is a very small chip count with out using 
I think a Floppy chip with a real built in data separator is the way to go.
Also  a good dma  is needed,  as  having the cpu do  floppy  I/O leaves
no margin for serial  I/O.
The other thing is a NICE terminal to go with the system. I don't want 
to boot
windows or dos to run a terminal. For development work a PC is a good idea
until you get a OS running. I have a used Altos IV here, from what the 
says but I don't know of  how many years of life the terminal may have left.


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